Status quo and the unpleasant future.

It is as it has been for millennia: namely fundamental spiritual ignorance (Psalm 82:5) as exemplified in particular by nominal heads of religions, who would be threatened by any real enlightenment in ‘their’ flocks.

Certainly Buddhism and Christianity today bear little relationship to the original teachings (e.g., Psalm 82:6 was a central teaching), and the same applies in general to all religions, which inevitably have been manipulated for political reasons.

Spiritual ignorance leads in turn to greed and hypocrisy.

Present generations since say 1950 AD are the most profligate and materialistic ever in recorded history, but are hardly aware of it, taking it all for granted.

Such ecological ignorance (how many know about the ‘Clathrate Time Bomb’?) has led to insidious environmental pollution and global warming, which may now be already past any tipping point.

When the surface of this planet becomes too hot (Revelation 7:1; 8:7; 16:9; 21:1) to live on, the mutated remnant of humanity will perforce live in large cave systems (Revelation 6:15).

At an intermediate stage in the future , whole self-sufficient cities will no doubt be protected against excessive UV radiation by carbon fibre (or similar) geodesic domes with reflective panels put in place using dirigibles.

It may be that crop circle messages (warnings) also relate to a comet or asteroid that will hit this planet in future (Revelation 8:8; 9:1), just as one probably killed off the dinosaurs.  Ironic in all senses.

I wonder if Gaia can order or arrange an asteroid etc. to get rid of a pesky destructive and polluting species?

Not a punishment from God, but an inevitable consequence of past and present actions, in particular the Industrial Revolution and Capitalism.

I do not know if this particular biosphere, an incredibly beautiful work of art, will ever be restored or renewed.

Why wait 15 years?

I have already explained that the Nirvana/Enlightenment event takes months or years to digest or come to terms with.  In my case there was also a not so small matter of overcoming psychological conditioning in childhood to keep my mouth shut.

This became evident in a dream in which my mouth was packed with fine needles and my tongue nailed to the floor of my ‘mouth’ (i.e., buccal cavity).  In this dream i was painfully pulling out the nails, one by one, after spitting out the needles.

I notice that my self-expression is now relatively free; also God tells me i am a ‘free agent’ and can do whatever i like in this world.  Perhaps this also touches on having paid off my karma.

Open letter to heads of religions.

11 September 2017

His Holiness Pope Francis PP,

00120 Via del Pellegrino,

Citta del Vaticano,


His Holiness the Archbishop of Canterbury,

Lambeth Palace,

London SE1 7JU,


His Holiness the Dalai Lama,

Thekchen Choeling,

P.P. McLeod Ganj,


Himachal Pradesh (H.P.) 176219,


cc. The Times, London; The Times of India; The Hindu, The New York Times.

Dear Sirs,

A gift for World Peace.

This open letter is to inform you of a gift of Truth from the one God, which I believe this world needs to know about if it is ever to be at peace. You also bear a heavy responsibility for world peace.

I do not need to outline current world problems, ‘wicked’ and otherwise: I am told they are “Beyond your imagination”, even with my formal training in biology and psychology.

They reflect a state of war within religions, in which the one Truth is lost within age-old schisms and overt or covert attempts to dominate on a political or secular level.

This letter directs your attention towards the one Truth, which is above doctrinal arguments.

The gift mentioned is that of temporary at-One-ment with God (Christianity); aka Union with Brahman (Hinduism); aka Nirvana (Buddhism), aka the Sufi mystical experience (Islam). I do not know of any parallel in Judaism, but I am not a religious scholar.

Even so, it is clear that neither Siddhartha Gautama nor Joshua ben Joseph wanted to establish a new religion in which they would be worshipped as individuals. Nor did Mohammed seek to be worshipped. As you may be aware, Siddhartha is not a Buddhist; ‘Jesus’ is not a Christian, and Mohammed is not a Muslim, just as Karl Marx was and is not a Marxist.

Further, God is above and beyond man-made religions, in this and all other worlds.

It is not my responsibility to publicly comment on or resolve those religious beliefs which contribute to war: it is yours. I am for peace; I am certainly not against religion per se.

Messengers are not popular, particularly iconoclastic ones. But the old has to change if the new is to arrive. An Angel has told me I may or may not live to see world peace: I take this as encouragement. But she also said that most people presently working to this end were not sincere.

Nirvana is such a powerful event that it requires months or years to digest: it was given in August 2000 at age 55 and I have been silent on it for some years. But the world needs to know:-

  1. God/Allah/Brahman exists.

  2. There is a spiritual hierarchy that includes Angels and Cherubs: much is delegated to such beings, some to us as human beings.

  3. All men are Brothers and women Sisters, with the same Father/Mother.

  4. We are not animals: we all have responsibility for this world.

  5. Karma operates (‘Justice is Mine saith the Lord’), including via 6. below.

  6. There is no death; there is reincarnation as required.

  7. A person’s particular religion is not important. But all is known about us: our thoughts and actions.

I set up a Blog to advertise these truths in 2016. In it you will find objective accounts of various visions and other experiences. In it you will also note I was originally trained in the UK as an objective observer and reporter, and went on to train others in these techniques.

You are welcome to quote from those experiences given to me, all of which are true.

This Blog demands your careful reading of it; and this more than once. Many years ago I was told by Spirit that most peoples’ minds are closed to spiritual truths, so this is a possible hurdle for you all to overcome. I trust that you will.

Yours Sincerely,

David Collier

B.Sc. Biology; B.Sc. Psychology; B.A. Sustainability; Grad. Cert. Entomology; DCH, sometime M.IASK.

Senior Science Administrator, Psychotherapist, and Mystic.

(Address included)



Enlightenment: what is required.

Please note that the following advice comes from experience. It is not derived from intellectual speculation (the end of which is a house of cards). And it is not from mere imagination, be it self-delusory; febrile, or otherwise.

The human race most needs to wake up in a Spiritual sense: therefore, this article is intended to offset the fundamental nonsense promulgated by supposedly knowledgeable teachers (e.g., of Yoga & Buddhist meditation) in this area of the blind leading the blind, who seem not to know this event is a Grace.

Also please note that ‘the bar’ is set by God, not me: this because the event in question is a Grace. It is NOT something anyone can achieve by themselves no matter what their technique or supposed ‘Mastery’, nor for how many years they meditate.

Therefore; all we can do is prepare ourselves for this event, and NOT live in any expectation of it. In particular we should NOT desire it, and NOT have it as any kind of goal or end state.

It is not an end: not the end of life on this planet, and not the end of personal or Soul development. Rather, it is a new beginning.

Given that Enlightenment (aka Self-Realisation) equates to an intimate hug from God, an inflated ego will prevent it. God cannot come into a person who is full of themselves!

What we need to do is basically something that pleases God rather than only ourselves. My intention was only to purify myself so that i could act as a channel for energy from above to come into this world. Some might say this was the path of devotion.

Some time after this decision my i noticed an unusual odour in my urine on consecutive days.  The first time took me back to a stock-take of the Ministry of Agriculture Poisons Store at Westbury-on-Trym in my late 20’s.  I recall DDT and BHC spilt in the store.  The next day the odour took me back to playing near a leaking sewage outfall at the beach at Thurlstone in South Devon as a small boy.  First in, last out.

I conclude from this experience that organochlorine or other pesticides used on farms or gardens, which act on the nervous system, are problematic in terms of at-One-ment.  Similarly alcohol and any psychotropic such as diazepam.  Drugs are NOT the way to God.

My Guides also asked for my Surrender (not to them!), saying that they did not ask for this from most people. Surrender only to God, absolutely NOT to some human supposed Guru.

Decapitation is another fundamental requirement, in the sense of getting out of one’s head (as i was advised to do many years ago by a highly intelligent mentor).  Being in one’s head is frequently a pathological state of avoidance of unresolved emotional pain from childhood.  But God is only available through the heart.

It seems that we also need to pay off our negative karma before we qualify for a hug. I suffered an auto-immune disease for around 20 years, and then ‘lost’ all material possessions (house; motor car, life saving) in an attempt to set up a healing centre. This was a test of character, so i was told afterwards. And one afternoon some time before the event in question i suddenly ‘knew’ that my karma was no more.

Given that at-One-ment is an incredibly powerful event, some strengthening of the nervous system appears to be in order. I had already been attuned as a Reiki channel and then was chosen from above to channel a medical doctor and nurse. I suspect the nervous system is strengthened in these activities; also one tries to ‘get out of the way’ as an ego when giving healing.

Kundalini activity also appears to be a pre-requisite, perhaps to clear out the system in some manner. In my case it rose up without hindrance and moved around the inside of my skull in a precise manner which i shall not describe here, stopping briefly at certain points as if ‘it’ knew what it was doing.  This was apparently enabled by my meditating on clearing out my chakras in a 40 minute esoteric meditation twice a day. It took 7 months such work to clear them out. I shall not describe the particular meditation here: it is only to be attempted after the most important emotional blockages in the acupuncture meridians have been cleared through psychotherapy of one sort or another.

Gopi Krishna (1903-1984) provides in his accounts an apparent example of problems associated with forced arousal of Kundalini. Perhaps because of these side-effects, he over-estimates the effect of Kundalini on human abilities. I too noticed a siddhi (a special psychic ability) at one point, but because it was of no use to anyone else let it go. A siddhi can also be a test. Any forceful approach to Kundalini is hubristic and dangerous. We should not force our own development, psychological or Spiritual, but rather allow it to happen at its own rate. Once we have a clear intention, doors will open at the right time.

What else is required? I suspect that at-One-ment is only given to so-called ‘Old Souls’, i.e., those who have matured or are ripe for it thanks to many lifetimes already lived on this or other planets. For example, i am told there is but one more lifetime for me on this planet.

Given what is set out above, I seriously doubt if ANY person can give the event in question to anyone else, no matter how exalted they may appear to be. And anyone who sets themselves up as a Spiritual teacher without the necessary experience or Spiritual qualifications risks adding to their own negative karma.

Our world is full of wishful thinking; self-delusion, and outright hypocrisy. At this level of reality we are ALL relatively ignorant of Spirit, and are all basically equal. Anyone with ‘airs and graces’ (including religious officers), is immediately suspicious. So be very careful whose teaching you choose to follow in this area!

I eventually followed no-one, though I dabbled in various supposedly enlightened organisations until their lack of authenticity became apparent. Looking back, it seems I was guided to be at the right place at the right time.

I have no wish to teach anyone, but am willing to do so if required. If i had the money, the most effective use of it would be to set up healing centres and/or personal development resources around the world, both of which can be therapeutic given a pure intention behind them. Mainstream psychology or psychotherapy is not presently in a position to offer these things.

But we can only lead a horse to water….

‘The Sanctuary’: update

  1. Please note to the best of my knowledge and belief this blog contains the ONLY authentic account of the Spiritual Enlightenment event on the internet;
  2. It needs to be read from the first article (‘Purpose of this blog’).  This is the next to last article!

I understand this opportunity to make a significant difference in the world has now been lost.  The Committee in Spirit overseeing it has now disbanded.  Presumably and evidently due to a lack of interest in others on this level.

It may be that the Zeitgeist has changed: away from Spirituality and towards more materialism, no doubt contributed to by the exploits of so many inauthentic ‘Gurus’ in recent years.  This would include so many self-styled ‘Spiritual healers’ with little efficacy or validity following a weekend workshop offered by so many rip-off merchants, sincere (i.e., self-deluded) or otherwise.

It also includes exploits at the iconic Findhorn Community, where a lack of integrity and descent into commercialism has been well described by Kevin R.D. Shepherd on the Net.  He also documents some truths around the Rajneesh movement and its founder ‘Osho’.

In my experience it takes a number of years to qualify for formal appointment (from above) as an authentic Spiritual healer, just as it takes many years to properly sort out one’s own psychology.  Not one but a whole series of weekend workshops; and much more besides!

Why me?


You do not want to know the work i had to do and the challenges and tests i went through, including being reduced to nothing in societal terms.  This last was after giving everything in a good cause, namely people like you.

I was later told by my deceased father that this was a test that i had passed.  Apparently a test of my generosity, and of my faith: ‘An oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking’ (Khalil Gibran).

I trust the path to Self-Realisation will be that much easier for others, who can benefit both from my experience and the discovery of particularly apposite Spiritual gifts in my case, for example Mastery of Chakra energies.

This last requires explanation.  Some may recall a 6-month intensive personal development course entitled ‘Being empowered through service training’ (BEST) from Canberra Lifeskills around 1992.  At the end of this course, participants were required to stand up and say what they wanted to make of themselves.  One said he wanted to be a millionaire.  When it came to my turn, the words “I want to be an energetic master” came out of my mouth, which i thought a bit fanciful at the time.

However, an Egyptian Guide subsequently appeared, who helped me visualise and manipulate chakras in other people.  This ability was later confirmed by other clairvoyants.  My Guides say this basic ability comes from another life as an authentic magician, just as ‘Dynamo’ appears to be today.  So i can claim little credit for it.

In consequence i appear to be the only individual to date who is appropriately qualified to be involved in setting up a healing centre or holistic community (this is NOT to be an ashram!).  That is to say, both spiritually and academically; with academic qualifications in biology; psychology; psychotherapy, and sustainability.  There is also a connection with the Frankfurt School through one of my Spirit Guides.

As my Guides said years ago “We took you out of your field (as a stored-products entomologist and science administrator) in order to do something more useful in society”.

Yes, this does beg the question of free will!  Suffice to say, free will is not black and white: we can definitely be influenced, although final decisions remain ours.

So i did the work: but i have also wanted to know the truth in all things.  By definition this includes the truth of my shadow side (which had to be worked through first); also the final answer to the unspoken question “What am i?”  Thank You, Father.

‘The Sanctuary’: the world needs Mothering.

Years ago i was told by my Guides i would be setting up a healing centre/Spiritually based community.  I was asked how much land i wanted, and 60 acres came to mind immediately, as if it had been waiting in my unconscious mind for the question.  I was told exactly where it would be, based around an old farmhouse near Canberra surrounded by mature pine trees.  Both i and a friend had visions of this place.

When i visited the location, it was as we had both seen it in our visions.  I was told it would be “An authentic Shangri-La”, and would help the world.  No community, intentional or otherwise, has succeeded in this to date: they also tend to fall apart when the founder dies.

I infer from the description above that others will be Self-Realised in this community, not only myself.  Imagine the group energy from such a cohort!

Plan ‘A’ was for me to become a businessman manufacturing and selling an electronic invention in the OH&S area designed to save many lives.  I duly invented the device (guided by Alexander Graham Bell) and obtained a patent.  Apparently God stepped in at this point (my Guides said they were ‘Not in a position to go against God’s will’) and changed things to Plan ‘B’.

I assume plan ‘B’ involved my Self-Realisation (Enlightenment) because this was the most significant event afterwards, and it gives me the ability to help others in this crucial area, as do specific Spiritual gifts (e.g., the ability to see and manipulate other peoples’ chakras to clear the way for Kundalini to rise) also realized recently.

But i no longer have a business empire underwriting The Sanctuary.  Therefore, the money will have to come from others.

If inauthentic gurus (refer Geoffrey D. Falk 2009 ‘Stripping the gurus….’) with no Spiritual gifts (except perhaps the gift of the gab!) can be financially or otherwise supported by hundreds of followers, surely an authentic vision (and person) backed by Spirit is worth supporting too.  But i do not want ‘followers’ in a problematic sense; we need people able to contribute their own gifts and ideas for this and future generations.

‘The Sanctuary’ will only come to fruition when others support it materially or financially.  The first step is to purchase the cottage and land when it comes up for sale, or when this can be negotiated. This is quite beyond my finances, and so is not my responsibility.

As to Mothering, it became clear to me years ago that the world needs healing first and foremost.  Very many of us were not adequately mothered in childhood, and go through life with that unhealed wound.

I was apparently given special attention by Spirit to heal my own wound.  For example, in my mid-40’s i had experience (in visions) of a North American Indian wet-nurse. I was not breast-fed as a baby, and basically not nurtured subsequently. Also, once or twice i heard different well-modulated female voices reading stories to me as i drifted off to sleep.  Quite beyond mere imagination.  Such nurturing was also missing in my own childhood.

Yes i was loved; but love has to be expressed directly if it is to be received.  So i can relate to R.D.Laing’s ’emotional desert’ when describing his own childhood.  But my childhood was also lived in fear (this dynamic explains why so many nominal adults unconsciously hold their breath when stressed, as i used to).  This experience gave me empathy for others in later life; so this paragraph is a statement of fact and not a complaint.

Received love is evidently crucial in human development, without which we cannot become truly adult.  I define a human adult as one who loves others in general; has no repressed anger or hatred, and has no need to ‘command or control’ others.

Evidently anyone who is sincere or committed to helping the world can expect help from above, just as i was helped.

Warning 2

As mentioned before, the Universe is not all sweetness and light.  There are disaffected and mischievous beings, including human beings, possibly at many levels  of reality.

Therefore, do not attempt to ‘channel’ anyone, unless in a group led by an experienced psychic, who will arrange for the necessary protection.  This applies particularly to Ouija boards.

Also, when talking to God (or other high being), ask to be protected against wishful thinking and self-delusion.  The veracity of a response can sometimes be judged by its unusual wording, or if it is a comment on one’s character fault(s) yet to be addressed: uncomfortable but helpful.

What is the point (advantage) of Self-Realisation?

In essence it helps towards world peace.  This because one realises as a consequence that all men are indeed Brothers (as i recall Eleanor Roosevelt wished for in a speech to the new United Nations), and all women Sisters, whatever their ethnic group or religion.  This form of dissent is thus removed at a stroke.

Further, the experience confirms that there are in essence no intermediaries between anyone and God.  This removes the divisive influence of the Church, and its political power over ‘ordinary’ people.

A Self-Realised person is in one sense above all (Man-made) religions; in another sense a living example of a truly religious person.

This experience also changes a person’s world view (Weltansight) and ethos (Weltanshaaung); away from greed and selfishness towards being more useful in society.

Also, there is a stronger sense that all people are equal.  It is a big mistake to regard oneself as superior to others; or to allow worship from others.  This results in instant demotion in a Spiritual sense, back down the snake in the symbolic game of Snakes and Ladders.

The above paragraph especially applies to politicians; pontiffs; gurus; academics, and captains of industry.  Clearly Osho the Rajneesh guru made this mistake, as did Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

It seems to me that Osho misled many by giving (formal) lectures on Enlightenment, as if it were an academic topic.  This probably led people to believe it is an intellectual insight, which it is not.

But i appreciate his joke: “Why do you want to be Enlightened?  You might not like it!”

Who else gets it?

Given the fragile state of the world at present, there is a tremendous need for more individuals to become Self-Realised.  What the world most needs to know is that Man is a son of God, with all the response-ability that this knowledge brings with it (i.e., to look after this world and straighten out our society).

Perhaps the ‘Noosphere’ and/or ‘Omega point’ posited by Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) is to be comprised of Self-Realised individuals.

It isn’t that difficult!  I am able to provide (free) advice on how to become Self-Realised (i.e., Enlightened).

Ask and it shall be given.

NB  Please see ‘Purpose’/Archives/June 2016 et seq for complete information.


The so-called problem of evil and other objections.

Such questions in the human mind stem from a lack of Spiritual awareness, due in part to the early removal of relevant material from the Bible: specifically, material on reincarnation.

For most there is no way to qualify to enter Paradise (many levels higher than this one) in but one lifetime.  And if someone else does it for us, what is the point of being here?

Free will is a given.  Consequently, some beings will misbehave, especially younger evolutionary beings.

Given free will, there is a no interference policy (except of course when an individual asks for help).  The general safeguard is firstly that there is no extinction (no death of the consciousness), secondly that there are Karmic consequences of misbehavior.

No interference extends to incorrect beliefs which are allowed to persist even after ‘death’, in particular a belief that there is no afterlife.  People with this belief end up safe but permanently asleep, so i am told.  Goodness knows if or when they will be awakened: there are large numbers of them.  A friend’s discovery, not mine.

Karma includes every cent that is acquired dishonestly, which will have to be paid back in some other life as a human being -refer Edgar Cayce.

I know Karma exists because one afternoon apropos of nothing i suddenly ‘knew’ that i had no karmic debt.  Perhaps all Karma has to be paid off one way or another before Self-Realisation can be given: through suffering and/or good works.

When individuals suffer or are killed as a result of the actions of others we do not know the karmic state of the first party, and we do not know what sacrifice they may have decided to make at their Soul level, in order to provide an example or a teaching for others and/or to quickly pay off their karmic debt.

There is a case in the psychotherapy literature of a daughter who could not get on with her parents.  Regression in hypnosis suggested that in another life she was a in a death camp, and her parents were then her prison guards.  Reincarnation of all parties together to facilitate eventual forgiveness?

Similarly we can imagine reincarnation as an African-American for a member of the KKK, and as a poor Palestinian for an extremist Israeli.  ‘Justice is Mine saith the Lord’. ‘What goes around comes around’ can also operate in this lifetime, of course.

On the naive question of what was before God, this illustrates thinking within linear time.  But time is not necessarily linear; even our physicists know that in the Big Bang it was not.

God exists outside of time and space, which dimensions were both created and are thus artificial.  So the question is naive, hubristic and ultimately meaningless.