Why me?


You do not want to know the work i had to do and the challenges and tests i went through, including being reduced to nothing in societal terms.  This last was after giving everything in a good cause, namely people like you.

I was later told by my deceased father that this was a test that i had passed.  Apparently a test of my generosity, and of my faith: ‘An oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking’ (Khalil Gibran).

I trust the path to Self-Realisation will be that much easier for others, who can benefit both from my experience and the discovery of particularly apposite Spiritual gifts in my case, for example Mastery of Chakra energies.

This last requires explanation.  Some may recall a 6-month intensive personal development course entitled ‘Being empowered through service training’ (BEST) from Canberra Lifeskills around 1992.  At the end of this course, participants were required to stand up and say what they wanted to make of themselves.  One said he wanted to be a millionaire.  When it came to my turn, the words “I want to be an energetic master” came out of my mouth, which i thought a bit fanciful at the time.

However, an Egyptian Guide subsequently appeared, who helped me visualise and manipulate chakras in other people.  This ability was later confirmed by other clairvoyants.  My Guides say this basic ability comes from another life as an authentic magician, just as ‘Dynamo’ appears to be today.  So i can claim little credit for it.

In consequence i appear to be the only individual to date who is appropriately qualified to be involved in setting up a healing centre or holistic community (this is NOT to be an ashram!).  That is to say, both spiritually and academically; with academic qualifications in biology; psychology; psychotherapy, and sustainability.  There is also a connection with the Frankfurt School through one of my Spirit Guides.

As my Guides said years ago “We took you out of your field (as a stored-products entomologist and science administrator) in order to do something more useful in society”.

Yes, this does beg the question of free will!  Suffice to say, free will is not black and white: we can definitely be influenced, although final decisions remain ours.

So i did the work: but i have also wanted to know the truth in all things.  By definition this includes the truth of my shadow side (which had to be worked through first); also the final answer to the unspoken question “What am i?”  Thank You, Father.

‘The Sanctuary’: the world needs Mothering.

Years ago i was told by my Guides i would be setting up a healing centre/Spiritually based community.  I was asked how much land i wanted, and 60 acres came to mind immediately, as if it had been waiting in my unconscious mind for the question.  I was told exactly where it would be, based around an old farmhouse near Canberra surrounded by mature pine trees.  Both i and a friend had visions of this place.

When i visited the location, it was as we had both seen it in our visions.  I was told it would be “An authentic Shangri-La”, and would help the world.  No community, intentional or otherwise, has succeeded in this to date: they also tend to fall apart when the founder dies.

I infer from the description above that others will be Self-Realised in this community, not only myself.  Imagine the group energy from such a cohort!

Plan ‘A’ was for me to become a businessman manufacturing and selling an electronic invention in the OH&S area designed to save many lives.  I duly invented the device (guided by Alexander Graham Bell) and obtained a patent.  Apparently God stepped in at this point (my Guides said they were ‘Not in a position to go against God’s will’) and changed things to Plan ‘B’.

I assume plan ‘B’ involved my Self-Realisation (Enlightenment) because this was the most significant event afterwards, and it gives me the ability to help others in this crucial area, as do specific Spiritual gifts (e.g., the ability to see and manipulate other peoples’ chakras to clear the way for Kundalini to rise) also realized recently.

But i no longer have a business empire underwriting The Sanctuary.  Therefore, the money will have to come from others.

If inauthentic gurus (refer Geoffrey D. Falk 2009 ‘Stripping the gurus….’) with no Spiritual gifts (except perhaps the gift of the gab!) can be financially or otherwise supported by hundreds of followers, surely an authentic vision (and person) backed by Spirit is worth supporting too.  But i do not want ‘followers’ in a problematic sense; we need people able to contribute their own gifts and ideas for this and future generations.

‘The Sanctuary’ will only come to fruition when others support it materially or financially.  The first step is to purchase the cottage and land when it comes up for sale, or when this can be negotiated. This is quite beyond my finances, and so is not my responsibility.

As to Mothering, it became clear to me years ago that the world needs healing first and foremost.  Very many of us were not adequately mothered in childhood, and go through life with that unhealed wound.

I was apparently given special attention by Spirit to heal my own wound.  For example, in my mid-40’s i had experience (in visions) of a North American Indian wet-nurse. I was not breast-fed as a baby, and basically not nurtured subsequently. Also, once or twice i heard different well-modulated female voices reading stories to me as i drifted off to sleep.  Quite beyond mere imagination.  Such nurturing was also missing in my own childhood.

Yes i was loved; but love has to be expressed directly if it is to be received.  So i can relate to R.D.Laing’s ’emotional desert’ when describing his own childhood.  But my childhood was also lived in fear (this dynamic explains why so many nominal adults unconsciously hold their breath when stressed, as i used to).  This experience gave me empathy for others in later life; so this paragraph is a statement of fact and not a complaint.

Received love is evidently crucial in human development, without which we cannot become truly adult.  I define a human adult as one who loves others in general; has no repressed anger or hatred, and has no need to ‘command or control’ others.

Evidently anyone who is sincere or committed to helping the world can expect help from above, just as i was helped.