‘The Sanctuary’: update

  1. Please note to the best of my knowledge and belief this blog contains the ONLY authentic account of the Spiritual Enlightenment event on the internet;
  2. It needs to be read from the first article (‘Purpose of this blog’).  This is the next to last article!

I understand this opportunity to make a significant difference in the world has now been lost.  The Committee in Spirit overseeing it has now disbanded.  Presumably and evidently due to a lack of interest in others on this level.

It may be that the Zeitgeist has changed: away from Spirituality and towards more materialism, no doubt contributed to by the exploits of so many inauthentic ‘Gurus’ in recent years.  This would include so many self-styled ‘Spiritual healers’ with little efficacy or validity following a weekend workshop offered by so many rip-off merchants, sincere (i.e., self-deluded) or otherwise.

It also includes exploits at the iconic Findhorn Community, where a lack of integrity and descent into commercialism has been well described by Kevin R.D. Shepherd on the Net.  He also documents some truths around the Rajneesh movement and its founder ‘Osho’.

In my experience it takes a number of years to qualify for formal appointment (from above) as an authentic Spiritual healer, just as it takes many years to properly sort out one’s own psychology.  Not one but a whole series of weekend workshops; and much more besides!