Enlightenment: what is required.

Please note that the following advice comes from experience. It is not derived from intellectual speculation (the end of which is a house of cards). And it is not from mere imagination, be it self-delusory; febrile, or otherwise.

The human race most needs to wake up in a Spiritual sense: therefore, this article is intended to offset the fundamental nonsense promulgated by supposedly knowledgeable teachers (e.g., of Yoga & Buddhist meditation) in this area of the blind leading the blind, who seem not to know this event is a Grace.

Also please note that ‘the bar’ is set by God, not me: this because the event in question is a Grace. It is NOT something anyone can achieve by themselves no matter what their technique or supposed ‘Mastery’, nor for how many years they meditate.

Therefore; all we can do is prepare ourselves for this event, and NOT live in any expectation of it. In particular we should NOT desire it, and NOT have it as any kind of goal or end state.

It is not an end: not the end of life on this planet, and not the end of personal or Soul development. Rather, it is a new beginning.

Given that Enlightenment (aka Self-Realisation) equates to an intimate hug from God, an inflated ego will prevent it. God cannot come into a person who is full of themselves!

What we need to do is basically something that pleases God rather than only ourselves. My intention was only to purify myself so that i could act as a channel for energy from above to come into this world. Some might say this was the path of devotion.

Some time after this decision my i noticed an unusual odour in my urine on consecutive days.  The first time took me back to a stock-take of the Ministry of Agriculture Poisons Store at Westbury-on-Trym in my late 20’s.  I recall DDT and BHC spilt in the store.  The next day the odour took me back to playing near a leaking sewage outfall at the beach at Thurlstone in South Devon as a small boy.  First in, last out.

I conclude from this experience that organochlorine or other pesticides used on farms or gardens, which act on the nervous system, are problematic in terms of at-One-ment.  Similarly alcohol and any psychotropic such as diazepam.  Drugs are NOT the way to God.

My Guides also asked for my Surrender (not to them!), saying that they did not ask for this from most people. Surrender only to God, absolutely NOT to some human supposed Guru.

Decapitation is another fundamental requirement, in the sense of getting out of one’s head (as i was advised to do many years ago by a highly intelligent mentor).  Being in one’s head is frequently a pathological state of avoidance of unresolved emotional pain from childhood.  But God is only available through the heart.

It seems that we also need to pay off our negative karma before we qualify for a hug. I suffered an auto-immune disease for around 20 years, and then ‘lost’ all material possessions (house; motor car, life saving) in an attempt to set up a healing centre. This was a test of character, so i was told afterwards. And one afternoon some time before the event in question i suddenly ‘knew’ that my karma was no more.

Given that at-One-ment is an incredibly powerful event, some strengthening of the nervous system appears to be in order. I had already been attuned as a Reiki channel and then was chosen from above to channel a medical doctor and nurse. I suspect the nervous system is strengthened in these activities; also one tries to ‘get out of the way’ as an ego when giving healing.

Kundalini activity also appears to be a pre-requisite, perhaps to clear out the system in some manner. In my case it rose up without hindrance and moved around the inside of my skull in a precise manner which i shall not describe here, stopping briefly at certain points as if ‘it’ knew what it was doing.  This was apparently enabled by my meditating on clearing out my chakras in a 40 minute esoteric meditation twice a day. It took 7 months such work to clear them out. I shall not describe the particular meditation here: it is only to be attempted after the most important emotional blockages in the acupuncture meridians have been cleared through psychotherapy of one sort or another.

Gopi Krishna (1903-1984) provides in his accounts an apparent example of problems associated with forced arousal of Kundalini. Perhaps because of these side-effects, he over-estimates the effect of Kundalini on human abilities. I too noticed a siddhi (a special psychic ability) at one point, but because it was of no use to anyone else let it go. A siddhi can also be a test. Any forceful approach to Kundalini is hubristic and dangerous. We should not force our own development, psychological or Spiritual, but rather allow it to happen at its own rate. Once we have a clear intention, doors will open at the right time.

What else is required? I suspect that at-One-ment is only given to so-called ‘Old Souls’, i.e., those who have matured or are ripe for it thanks to many lifetimes already lived on this or other planets. For example, i am told there is but one more lifetime for me on this planet.

Given what is set out above, I seriously doubt if ANY person can give the event in question to anyone else, no matter how exalted they may appear to be. And anyone who sets themselves up as a Spiritual teacher without the necessary experience or Spiritual qualifications risks adding to their own negative karma.

Our world is full of wishful thinking; self-delusion, and outright hypocrisy. At this level of reality we are ALL relatively ignorant of Spirit, and are all basically equal. Anyone with ‘airs and graces’ (including religious officers), is immediately suspicious. So be very careful whose teaching you choose to follow in this area!

I eventually followed no-one, though I dabbled in various supposedly enlightened organisations until their lack of authenticity became apparent. Looking back, it seems I was guided to be at the right place at the right time.

I have no wish to teach anyone, but am willing to do so if required. If i had the money, the most effective use of it would be to set up healing centres and/or personal development resources around the world, both of which can be therapeutic given a pure intention behind them. Mainstream psychology or psychotherapy is not presently in a position to offer these things.

But we can only lead a horse to water….