Status quo and the unpleasant future.

It is as it has been for millennia: namely fundamental spiritual ignorance (Psalm 82:5) as exemplified in particular by nominal heads of religions, who would be threatened by any real enlightenment in ‘their’ flocks.

To which we can add ignorance (and fear) of what is generally in the unconscious mind, directly related to Spiritual awareness.

Certainly Buddhism and Christianity today bear little relationship to the original teachings (e.g., Psalm 82:6 was a central teaching), and the same applies in general to all religions, which inevitably have been manipulated for political reasons.

Spiritual ignorance leads in turn to selfishness, greed and hypocrisy.

Present generations since say 1950 AD are the most profligate and materialistic ever in recorded history, but are hardly aware of it, taking it all for granted.

Such ecological ignorance (how many know about the ‘Clathrate Time Bomb’?) has led to insidious environmental pollution and global warming, which may now be already past any tipping point.

When the surface of this planet becomes too hot (Revelation 7:1; 8:7; 16:9; 21:1) to live on, the mutated remnant of humanity will perforce live in large cave systems (Revelation 6:15).

At an intermediate stage in the future , whole self-sufficient cities will no doubt be protected against excessive UV radiation by carbon fibre (or similar) geodesic domes with reflective panels put in place using dirigibles.

It may be that crop circle messages (warnings) also relate to a comet or asteroid that will hit this planet in future (Revelation 8:8; 9:1), just as one probably killed off the dinosaurs.  Ironic in all senses.

I wonder if Gaia can order or arrange an asteroid etc. to get rid of a pesky destructive and polluting species?

Not a punishment from God, but an inevitable consequence of past and present actions taken in ignorance of possible consequences, in particular the Industrial Revolution and Capitalism.

I do not know if this particular biosphere, an incredibly beautiful work of art, will ever be restored or renewed: i am told it will be ‘shiny and new’, but goodness knows when.

Given environmental pollution with non-biodegradable material, there is a valid argument the biosphere needs to start again with a clean slate!