The so-called problem of evil and other objections.

Such questions in the human mind stem from a lack of Spiritual awareness, due in part to the early removal of relevant material from the Bible: specifically, material on reincarnation.

For most there is no way to qualify to enter Paradise (many levels higher than this one) in but one lifetime.  And if someone else does it for us, what is the point of being here?

Free will is a given.  Consequently, some beings will misbehave, especially younger evolutionary beings.

Given free will, there is a no interference policy (except of course when an individual asks for help).  The general safeguard is firstly that there is no extinction (no death of the consciousness), secondly that there are Karmic consequences of misbehavior.

No interference extends to incorrect beliefs which are allowed to persist even after ‘death’, in particular a belief that there is no afterlife.  People with this belief end up safe but permanently asleep, so i am told.  Goodness knows if or when they will be awakened: there are large numbers of them.  A friend’s discovery, not mine.

Karma includes every cent that is acquired dishonestly, which will have to be paid back in some other life as a human being -refer Edgar Cayce.

I know Karma exists because one afternoon apropos of nothing i suddenly ‘knew’ that i had no karmic debt.  Perhaps all Karma has to be paid off one way or another before Self-Realisation can be given: through suffering and/or good works.

When individuals suffer or are killed as a result of the actions of others we do not know the karmic state of the first party, and we do not know what sacrifice they may have decided to make at their Soul level, in order to provide an example or a teaching for others and/or to quickly pay off their karmic debt.

There is a case in the psychotherapy literature of a daughter who could not get on with her parents.  Regression in hypnosis suggested that in another life she was a in a death camp, and her parents were then her prison guards.  Reincarnation of all parties together to facilitate eventual forgiveness?

Similarly we can imagine reincarnation as an African-American for a member of the KKK, and as a poor Palestinian for an extremist Israeli.  ‘Justice is Mine saith the Lord’. ‘What goes around comes around’ can also operate in this lifetime, of course.

On the naive question of what was before God, this illustrates thinking within linear time.  But time is not necessarily linear; even our physicists know that in the Big Bang it was not.

God exists outside of time and space, which dimensions were both created and are thus artificial.  So the question is naive, hubristic and ultimately meaningless.



Author: David

Retired public servant; psychic and energetic master with an important life-task and valuable gifts from Spirit that can benefit others (or they would not be valuable).

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