Why me?


You do not want to know the work i had to do and the challenges and tests i went through, including being reduced to nothing in societal terms.  This last was after giving everything in a good cause, namely people like you.

I was later told by my deceased father that this was a test that i had passed.  Apparently a test of my generosity, and of my faith: ‘An oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking’ (Khalil Gibran).

I trust the path to Self-Realisation will be that much easier for others, who can benefit both from my experience and the discovery of particularly apposite Spiritual gifts in my case, for example Mastery of Chakra energies.

This last requires explanation.  Some may recall a 6-month intensive personal development course entitled ‘Being empowered through service training’ (BEST) from Canberra Lifeskills around 1992.  At the end of this course, participants were required to stand up and say what they wanted to make of themselves.  One said he wanted to be a millionaire.  When it came to my turn, the words “I want to be an energetic master” came out of my mouth, which i thought a bit fanciful at the time.

However, an Egyptian Guide subsequently appeared, who helped me visualise and manipulate chakras in other people.  This ability was later confirmed by other clairvoyants.  My Guides say this basic ability comes from another life as an authentic magician, just as ‘Dynamo’ appears to be today.  So i can claim little credit for it.

In consequence i appear to be the only individual to date who is appropriately qualified to be involved in setting up a healing centre or holistic community (this is NOT to be an ashram!).  That is to say, both spiritually and academically; with academic qualifications in biology; psychology; psychotherapy, and sustainability.  There is also a connection with the Frankfurt School through one of my Spirit Guides.

As my Guides said years ago “We took you out of your field (as a stored-products entomologist and science administrator) in order to do something more useful in society”.

Yes, this does beg the question of free will!  Suffice to say, free will is not black and white: we can definitely be influenced, although final decisions remain ours.

So i did the work: but i have also wanted to know the truth in all things.  By definition this includes the truth of my shadow side (which had to be worked through first); also the final answer to the unspoken question “What am i?”  Thank You, Father.

Author: David

Retired public servant; psychic and energetic master with an important life-task and valuable gifts from Spirit that can benefit others (or they would not be valuable).

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