Open letter to heads of religions.

There has been no response to this letter.  This is not a surprise: these men are basically politicians with a societal status quo to protect.  It seems that all three are spiritually ignorant; this not in a pejorative sense, but merely as a statement of fact.  This becomes obvious when listening to interviews of the Dalai Lama, for example.

11 September 2017

His Holiness Pope Francis PP,

00120 Via del Pellegrino,

Citta del Vaticano,


His Holiness the Archbishop of Canterbury,

Lambeth Palace,

London SE1 7JU,


His Holiness the Dalai Lama,

Thekchen Choeling,

P.P. McLeod Ganj,


Himachal Pradesh (H.P.) 176219,


cc. The Times, London; The Times of India; The Hindu, The New York Times.

Dear Sirs,

A gift for World Peace.

This open letter is to inform you of a gift of Truth from the one God, which I believe this world needs to know about if it is ever to be at peace. You also bear a heavy responsibility for world peace.

I do not need to outline current world problems, ‘wicked’ and otherwise: I am told they are “Beyond your imagination”, even with my formal training in biology and psychology.

They reflect a state of war within religions, in which the one Truth is lost within age-old schisms and overt or covert attempts to dominate on a political or secular level.

This letter directs your attention towards the one Truth, which is above doctrinal arguments.

The gift mentioned is that of temporary at-One-ment with God (Christianity); aka Union with Brahman (Hinduism); aka Nirvana (Buddhism), aka the Sufi mystical experience (Islam). I do not know of any parallel in Judaism, but I am not a religious scholar.

Even so, it is clear that neither Siddhartha Gautama nor Joshua ben Joseph wanted to establish a new religion in which they would be worshipped as individuals. Nor did Mohammed seek to be worshipped. As you may be aware, Siddhartha is not a Buddhist; ‘Jesus’ is not a Christian, and Mohammed is not a Muslim, just as Karl Marx was and is not a Marxist.

Further, God is above and beyond man-made religions, in this and all other worlds.

It is not my responsibility to publicly comment on or resolve those religious beliefs which contribute to war: it is yours. I am for peace; I am certainly not against religion per se.

Messengers are not popular, particularly iconoclastic ones. But the old has to change if the new is to arrive. An Angel has told me I may or may not live to see world peace: I take this as encouragement. But she also said that most people presently working to this end were not sincere.

Nirvana is such a powerful event that it requires months or years to digest: it was given in August 2000 at age 55 and I have been silent on it for some years. But the world needs to know:-

  1. God/Allah/Brahman exists.

  2. There is a spiritual hierarchy that includes Angels and Cherubs: much is delegated to such beings, some to us as human beings.

  3. All men are Brothers and women Sisters, with the same Father/Mother.

  4. We are not animals: we all have responsibility for this world.

  5. Karma operates (‘Justice is Mine saith the Lord’), including via 6. below.

  6. There is no death; there is reincarnation as required.

  7. A person’s particular religion is not important. But all is known about us: our thoughts and actions.

I set up a Blog to advertise these truths in 2016. In it you will find objective accounts of various visions and other experiences. In it you will also note I was originally trained in the UK as an objective observer and reporter, and went on to train others in these techniques.

You are welcome to quote from those experiences given to me, all of which are true.

This Blog demands your careful reading of it; and this more than once. Many years ago I was told by Spirit that most peoples’ minds are closed to spiritual truths, so this is a possible hurdle for you all to overcome. I trust that you will.

Yours Sincerely,

David Collier

B.Sc. Biology; B.Sc. Psychology; B.A. Sustainability; Grad. Cert. Entomology; DCH, sometime M.IASK.

Senior Science Administrator, Psychotherapist, and Mystic.

(Address included)



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