Why wait 15 years?

I have already explained that the Nirvana/Enlightenment event takes months or years to digest or come to terms with.  In my case there was also a not so small matter of overcoming psychological conditioning in childhood to keep my mouth shut.

This became evident in a dream in which my mouth was packed with fine needles and my tongue nailed to the floor of my ‘mouth’ (i.e., buccal cavity).  In this dream i was painfully pulling out the nails, one by one, after spitting out the needles.

I notice that my self-expression is now relatively free; also God tells me i am a ‘free agent’ and can do whatever i like in this world.  Perhaps this also touches on having paid off my karma.

Author: David

Retired public servant; psychic and energetic master with an important life-task and valuable gifts from Spirit that can benefit others (or they would not be valuable).

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