False gurus

This could be a long list.  For what it is worth, here is a copy of my review of the ‘Dada Baghwan’ book.

I began by muttering ‘Absolute bullshit’ in regard to the advertised  claims of rapid Self-Realisation; i conclude my investigation of this book with a similar impression.   You can make up your own mind.

I have now read the book, or rather the first half.
You may be interested in my comments, or you may wish to avoid them.I find the book verbose and confused.  There are inconsistencies, and there is some untruth in it.
In general it contains a laudable philosophy (the sweetener) wrapped around questionable material.

I believe the author has or had some insight, but was NOT Self-Realised, in which case he is self-deluded, as many are today.
Did you know there is a particular psychological condition in which the ego is lost?

I make specific points as follows:-

1. It is impossible for God (the infinite) to be fully manifested in any human being (the finite).  This is but common sense.
2. All questions are NOT answered in the authentic Self-Realisation event, as the title suggests.
3. There is NO shortcut to Self-Realisation.  This was the claim of Sahaja Yoga, now known to be false.
4. Knowledge of the Self is NOT only acquired by meeting a Gnani. This is NOT the job of the Gnani Purusha only.  In my case it was given directly by God.
5. There are no ‘stages’ in this event: it simply is or is not given.
6. It is NOT given to anyone whose negative karma still exists.  My karma was neutralised BEFORE this event. This is but common sense. Thus karma does NOT ‘unfold’ after Gnani.
7. “After receiving Self-Realisation one feels a significant change immediately”.  This is rubbish: the change is literally overwhelming, and the ‘I’ or ‘one’ is obliterated; not present to feel anything.
8. “I am personally going to impart my special spiritual powers (siddhis) to some people”.  This is surely an example of an inflated ego speaking.  Note the ‘I’ and the ‘my’, which are criticised in other parts of the book.
9. “After this 2 hour Gnani you experience the Soul”.  Rubbish!  There is no ‘you’ in this experience, only Soul.
10. “I guarantee a continuous blissful state (Samadhi) if one stays in the Five Anas”.  Who is the ‘I’ here?  More significantly, it is impossible for a human being to be in the Samadhi state continuously: it is much too powerful.

Evidently the author does not know this.
I could write more.

David Collier

Author: David

Retired public servant; psychic and energetic master with an important life-task and valuable gifts from Spirit that can benefit others (or they would not be valuable).

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