This article might also be called ‘Life after death’ regarding Moses.

Years ago i attended a meditation group in which members ‘channeled’ various beings, in particular a (lesser) Chinese sage.  Most impressive, and i thought everyone was much more gifted than i was.

Channeling is where someone simply allows another person in Spirit to talk through them, or through their mind.

Anyway, one day i thought i would have a go myself.  Three beings then in turn announced themselves to my mind by saying “I am ….”.  All i did then was speak whatever words came to mind.

Moses said “I am Moses” and then went on to talk about the necessity to keep up the effort until a matter was properly finished rather than slacken off towards the end.

Ahura Mazda similarly announced himself, but i do not recall what he talked about.  However, i felt i was sitting on a throne and holding a sceptre as he spoke.  I mentioned this to no-one.  Afterwards, the person sitting next to me in the circle said she ‘saw’ me sitting on a throne and holding a sceptre.

Later on, the same person said she ‘saw’ me sitting on a large black horse.  The only meaningful reference i can find to this is in Revelation, in which the rider holds scales (of judgment?).

I do not know if Ahura Mazda (as the god of Zoroastrians he pre-dates all three Abrahamic religions) is a facet of God or a separate-and presumably lesser-being.

When it came to my turn again, a being said to me “I am the Lord thy God”.  At which i thought to myself ‘This can’t be right: this must be my ego trying to out-do other channels’.  So i allowed and said nothing.

Imagine my surprise when the person next to me channeled another being (one unknown to me) who turned to me and said “Brother, why do you think you are unworthy?”

Evidently i am worthy, as no doubt are many other people.  And God respects a person’s free will, once given by Him/Her in the first place.

Author: David

Retired public servant; psychic and energetic master with an important life-task and valuable gifts from Spirit that can benefit others (or they would not be valuable).

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  1. My brother suggested I might like this website. He was entirely right.
    This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine simply
    how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

    1. Hi Viola,
      You are very welcome. High time the world woke up to our Spiritual status as Sons/Daughters of God, an ingredient for world peace.

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