Why so few have direct contact with Spirit?

Perhaps more do, but are afraid to admit to it for fear of criticism by Spiritual ignorami, including it may be noted some supposed Zen masters.

Should i call myself a Spiritual master?  Absolutely not: the point is that these experiences are open to all, given that i am an ordinary person.

I believe many people’s perceptions are blocked or shut down thanks to unresolved childhood trauma.  Sigismund Freud was entirely correct in pointing to (Freudian) denial and repression of such traumatic events; children are far more sensitive than is generally admitted by (disaffected/blunted) adults.

Mainstream psychology has yet to admit to the extent of this problem, which inter alia would mean many psychologists having to face their own psychic pain.  It also does not admit to the long term storage of negative emotion (i.e., psychic pain) from infancy or childhood in the human energy system.

But two qualified experts have spoken out; namely Arthur Janov -even if he is a bit dogmatic- and the Swiss psychoanalyst Alice Miller (1923-2010).

Attachment Theory (John Bowlby; 1907-1990) explains much, and is also being ignored by current discussion of family violence.  It is politically incorrect to attribute responsibility to women for a lack of nurturing or mothering of subsequently angry and violent men who go on to abuse women.

A barrier in the mind or neurology against repressed internal material works both ways, i.e., against external psychic perception too.

We can talk about blockages in acupuncture meridians and chakras in this context, not yet admitted to by that mainstream science which does not yet know of the different kinds of electricity mentioned by Edgar Cayce.  He also spoke of atoms having a memory of where they had been in the Universe -what does our present science make of this?

Thus anyone on the Spiritual path needs to attend to their own psychology (i.e., self-healing) first; not jump straight into fancy Eastern meditation!

I recall a question on the internet years ago from an American as to why no Westerner had yet become Enlightened despite many years of Buddhist or other meditation.  The answer is given above: the subtle energy system needs to be unblocked first!

Eastern meditations are a fine way to avoid initial attention to one’s own psychology, avoidance being but one mechanism in psychological denial.

I was it seems guided to do things the right way around, in which some courage (to face one’s shadow side) is required.

Ten year’s work in total before Self-Realisation occurred in my case.


Author: David

Retired public servant; psychic and energetic master with an important life-task and valuable gifts from Spirit that can benefit others (or they would not be valuable).

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