What is the point (advantage) of Self-Realisation?

In essence it helps towards world peace.  This because one realises as a consequence that all men are indeed Brothers (as i recall Eleanor Roosevelt wished for in a speech to the new United Nations), and all women Sisters, whatever their ethnic group or religion.  This form of dissent is thus removed at a stroke.

Further, the experience confirms that there are in essence no intermediaries between anyone and God.  This removes the divisive influence of the Church, and its political power over ‘ordinary’ people.

A Self-Realised person is in one sense above all (Man-made) religions; in another sense a living example of a truly religious person.

This experience also changes a person’s world view (Weltansight) and ethos (Weltanshaaung); away from greed and selfishness towards being more useful in society.

Also, there is a stronger sense that all people are equal.  It is a big mistake to regard oneself as superior to others; or to allow worship from others.  This results in instant demotion in a Spiritual sense, back down the snake in the symbolic game of Snakes and Ladders.

The above paragraph especially applies to politicians; pontiffs; gurus; academics, and captains of industry.  Clearly Osho the Rajneesh guru made this mistake, as did Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

It seems to me that Osho misled many by giving (formal) lectures on Enlightenment, as if it were an academic topic.  This probably led people to believe it is an intellectual insight, which it is not.

But i appreciate his joke: “Why do you want to be Enlightened?  You might not like it!”

Who else gets it?

Given the fragile state of the world at present, there is a tremendous need for more individuals to become Self-Realised.  What the world most needs to know is that Man is a son of God, with all the response-ability that this knowledge brings with it (i.e., to look after this world and straighten out our society).

Perhaps the ‘Noosphere’ and/or ‘Omega point’ posited by Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) is to be comprised of Self-Realised individuals.

It isn’t that difficult!  I am able to provide (free) advice on how to become Self-Realised (i.e., Enlightened).

Ask and it shall be given.

NB  Please see ‘Purpose’/Archives/June 2016 et seq for complete information.


The so-called problem of evil and other objections.

Such questions in the human mind stem from a lack of Spiritual awareness, due in part to the early removal of relevant material from the Bible: specifically, material on reincarnation.

For most there is no way to qualify to enter Paradise (many levels higher than this one) in but one lifetime.  And if someone else does it for us, what is the point of being here?

Free will is a given.  Consequently, some beings will misbehave, especially younger evolutionary beings.

Given free will, there is a no interference policy (except of course when an individual asks for help).  The general safeguard is firstly that there is no extinction (no death of the consciousness), secondly that there are Karmic consequences of misbehavior.

No interference extends to incorrect beliefs which are allowed to persist even after ‘death’, in particular a belief that there is no afterlife.  People with this belief end up safe but permanently asleep, so i am told.  Goodness knows if or when they will be awakened: there are large numbers of them.  A friend’s discovery, not mine.

Karma includes every cent that is acquired dishonestly, which will have to be paid back in some other life as a human being -refer Edgar Cayce.

I know Karma exists because one afternoon apropos of nothing i suddenly ‘knew’ that i had no karmic debt.  Perhaps all Karma has to be paid off one way or another before Self-Realisation can be given: through suffering and/or good works.

When individuals suffer or are killed as a result of the actions of others we do not know the karmic state of the first party, and we do not know what sacrifice they may have decided to make at their Soul level, in order to provide an example or a teaching for others and/or to quickly pay off their karmic debt.

There is a case in the psychotherapy literature of a daughter who could not get on with her parents.  Regression in hypnosis suggested that in another life she was a in a death camp, and her parents were then her prison guards.  Reincarnation of all parties together to facilitate eventual forgiveness?

Similarly we can imagine reincarnation as an African-American for a member of the KKK, and as a poor Palestinian for an extremist Israeli.  ‘Justice is Mine saith the Lord’. ‘What goes around comes around’ can also operate in this lifetime, of course.

On the naive question of what was before God, this illustrates thinking within linear time.  But time is not necessarily linear; even our physicists know that in the Big Bang it was not.

God exists outside of time and space, which dimensions were both created and are thus artificial.  So the question is naive, hubristic and ultimately meaningless.



Why so few have direct contact with Spirit?

Perhaps more do, but are afraid to admit to it for fear of criticism by Spiritual ignorami, including it may be noted some supposed Zen masters.

Should i call myself a Spiritual master?  Absolutely not: the point is that these experiences are open to all, given that i am an ordinary person.

I believe many people’s perceptions are blocked or shut down thanks to unresolved childhood trauma.  Sigismund Freud was entirely correct in pointing to (Freudian) denial and repression of such traumatic events; children are far more sensitive than is generally admitted by (disaffected/blunted) adults.

Mainstream psychology has yet to admit to the extent of this problem, which inter alia would mean many psychologists having to face their own psychic pain.  It also does not admit to the long term storage of negative emotion (i.e., psychic pain) from infancy or childhood in the human energy system.

But two qualified experts have spoken out; namely Arthur Janov -even if he is a bit dogmatic- and the Swiss psychoanalyst Alice Miller (1923-2010).

Attachment Theory (John Bowlby; 1907-1990) explains much, and is also being ignored by current discussion of family violence.  It is politically incorrect to attribute responsibility to women for a lack of nurturing or mothering of subsequently angry and violent men who go on to abuse women.

A barrier in the mind or neurology against repressed internal material works both ways, i.e., against external psychic perception too.

We can talk about blockages in acupuncture meridians and chakras in this context, not yet admitted to by that mainstream science which does not yet know of the different kinds of electricity mentioned by Edgar Cayce.  He also spoke of atoms having a memory of where they had been in the Universe -what does our present science make of this?

Thus anyone on the Spiritual path needs to attend to their own psychology (i.e., self-healing) first; not jump straight into fancy Eastern meditation!

I recall a question on the internet years ago from an American as to why no Westerner had yet become Enlightened despite many years of Buddhist or other meditation.  The answer is given above: the subtle energy system needs to be unblocked first!

Eastern meditations are a fine way to avoid initial attention to one’s own psychology, avoidance being but one mechanism in psychological denial.

I was it seems guided to do things the right way around, in which some courage (to face one’s shadow side) is required.

Ten year’s work in total before Self-Realisation occurred in my case.


Enlightenment 2

As mentioned before, this topic comes under the general heading of ‘Is there a God?’

As to this question, St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) put forward five attempted intellectual or logical proofs of God’s existence in his Summa Theologiae.  Most ingenious, but this topic is beyond logic and beyond the intellect.

Thomas cannot have taken to heart the Muslim scholar Al Ghazali (c.1058-1111) -‘the truth is not arrived at by reason alone’.

My argument is, as this blog suggests, that direct experience is the only way we can know anything for sure -and yes, I am aware this ignores Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, also the possibility of self-delusion. But in practice the power of the experience now in question is such that these counter-arguments are simply obliterated.

So my argument is Arthurian rather than Thomasian.  To explain: T.H.White (1906-1964), the English author of ‘The Once and Future King’ employed a particular literary device in his story of the education of the young King Arthur by the magician Merlin. The device and principle was that one can only really know what a fish (or other being) is by becoming it for a period of time.  Accordingly, Arthur was magically turned into a fish (etc.) as part of his education.

This is consistent with the well known saying that one can only know another person by living in their shoes for some time. Accordingly, one can only know God by temporarily becoming this Being.  This is called at-One-ment, arguably a New Testament phrase, and nothing whatever to do with ‘atonement’, this last commonly used in the Old Testament. It is Realisation of the higher Self, as opposed to the lower day to day experiential self.

This refers directly to Psalm 82,6:- ‘I said, “You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High”’; also to John 10.34:- ‘Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, “You are gods”’?

So ‘Enlightenment’ is, at least in my experience, synonymous with at-One-ment, as one might have expected from the meaning of being filled with light.  I realise this is inconsistent with a view of the Sanskrit word Nirvana as emptiness, but this was absolutely not my experience. My experience was of being ‘blown out’ like a flame, in that my name; personality, and ego were temporarily overwhelmed and obliterated by infinite love.


awakening me:


A feeling

a glow-





Here: wordless,



This is consistent with the Hindu understanding of Nirvana as union with Brahman (God), and with the literal translation of Nirvana as ‘blown out’.

It was an experience of total bliss and absolute completion.  This is presumably what is meant by the ‘peace that passeth all understanding’. There was also a sense of immense potential creativity; also of (my) individuality: we are not God, we are individualized Spirit.

And in this general context it is apparent that the Grail Cup is the human psyche and/or nervous system.

Love from an Angel was in my experience (see a previous article) less than infinite, in that there was no Nirvana. It felt like much more love than a human being can generate though.

On this basis I take the Enlightenment or Self-Realisation experience as proof of the existence of a much higher Being than an Angel.

Obviously one person’s experience will not, and should not, persuade another person. But a report from a trained observer should give cause for some thought in others.

How else may God be known?

Also in my experience, God is one who will let a person know, directly or indirectly, about their particular character flaws, to the extent of what their ego can handle at the time.

Clearly God wants us to evolve psycho-spiritually, if we are open to it and have invited such feedback.  We are evolutionary beings.

A number of points need to be made in relation to this remarkable event:-

(i) A psychic told me months earlier that I was to be ‘Greatly blessed’, and my Guides weeks before, that there was to be ‘A reward for effort’.

(ii) Kundalini (the Holy Ghost?) rose up and moved around inside my skull in a very particular manner (as in a friend) a couple of weeks beforehand, so I assume this is a prerequisite, a cleansing or strengthening of the nervous system.

And please note ‘perfection’ is NOT necessary!

(iii) Clearly the above event is what is actually meant by ‘dying to oneself’ (Matthew 16:25; Mark 8:35) and ‘being born again’ (Peter 1:22; John 3:3, 3:3, 3:7).

So we can now understand how much Spiritual awareness has been lost in (what remains of) our religions, in which the form (or pretense) of a ritual has lost its substance.  As an example, one is NOT ‘born again’ merely by saying so, no matter how solemn (or hypnotic) the occasion.  And ‘dying to oneself’  is clearly NOT understood by contemporary commentators on the Christian religion -nor by the writers of the Bible.

(iv) After the event in question a voice in my head said “Now all you need is a mantra”.  Not quite correct, as there was more work to do on my character flaws and attitudes over the next 16 years (to date).

As mentioned before, perfection is not necessary for the Grace of Self-Realisation: it is available to very many, given some personal effort

(v) The fact is, the power of this event is a CONSIDERABLE shock to the system, and it takes months or years to ‘get over’.  All my own mind could offer when it recovered was “What!!??”.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) comes to mind in this general context. It was the nicest ‘stress’ imaginable though.

(vi) The fact that no modern ‘guru’ mentions this aspect strongly suggests to me that NOT ONE of them is or was actually Self-Realised or Enlightened, as pointed out by Geoffrey D. Falk in his 2009 E-book ‘Stripping the gurus….’

Some will not be convinced their favourite ‘guru’ is inauthentic, because of their ‘energy’.  But i know what it is to have (had) an inflated ego: there is a tremendous amount of power to influence others in that state.

(vii) Clearly there is no such thing as being partly Enlightened: in practice it simply is or is not given.

Enlightenment 1.

This comes under the general heading of ‘Is there a God?’

A great deal has been written and published on the topic of Enlightenment, a word apparently not used much in English before the late 1800’s.  Unfortunately most if not all such discussion is misleading, being written by those without experience who therefore can only speculate.

The phrase ‘Empty vessels make most noise’ applies especially to this topic.  The most appropriate response to authentic Enlightenment is silence.

Accordingly i shall not write much to begin with, except to indicate what Enlightenment is not!  It is not an intellectual achievement or insight; it is indeed nothing to do with the intellect or the mind.  So one cannot ‘figure it out’, this being a completely mistaken direction.

It is not a mere feeling of being at one with the Universe.  It is not any state of being in which the ‘I’ is still present to marvel at or subsequently write a book about, especially one lasting days or weeks.  This last is most likely the result of a profound intellectual insight; and books are generally written by those who are not at peace with themselves, and are therapeutic in this context.

It is also nothing to do with Zen Buddhism, which appears to be the antithesis of Enlightenment, also an insult to oneself and one’s Creator.  I do not regard Zen as true Buddhism.

A Zen Buddhist ‘master’ is apparently one who has shot himself in the foot then claims mastery over his foot.  This is surely an exercise in foot-utility (futility).  I believe that Siddhartha Gautama (‘the’ Buddha) taught how to use the mind properly; by contrast it seems Zen Buddhism teaches how to abuse it.

To explain: practitioners seek to stop their minds functioning; according to D. T. Suzuki ‘by any means available’, if memory serves.  In practice this is like putting a spanner in the works.

Success in this endeavor is met by ’emptiness’, an unsurprising result given cessation of the perceptual apparatus.  But to conclude that the basis of reality is ’emptiness’ is to compound the felony and to further mislead others.

In my experience an authentic event is one of ‘fullness’; if you like, being filled with light as the word suggests.

It is true that the mind ceases to function in this event; but this is a side effect and not causative.  So some Zen Buddhists appear to have unknowingly put the cart before the horse, and may be said to be barking up the wrong tree -as some do in scientific research too.

There may be other schools of Zen, in which some control of the mind; brain, and physiology is attained.  But this is nothing to do with Enlightenment.

The Rajneesh guru Osho’s evident approval of Zen Buddhism and ‘no-mind’ (anatta?) gives me cause to doubt his Enlightenment.  As explained above, anatta is a side-effect or consequence of authentic Enlightenment.  It is not primary or causative; it is epiphenomenal.   Therefore it is (in my opinion) a waste of time to seek it, rather like chasing a rainbow.

By their fruits ye shall know them: i am not aware of ANY Enlightened followers of Osho.

This begs the question of the whereabouts of my Jewel-encrusted Rolex watches and many Rolls-Royce motor cars?  No thanks!

There seems also to be a naive belief that Enlightenment results in a kind of omniscience, and instant compassion.  This is even more nonsense.

In my experience one has to demonstrate some compassion to begin with, as a prerequisite.  And to simply be given an ethical make-over would surely be a form of trespass against one’s free will.  We have to work to transform our own sow’s ear into a silk purse; no-one does this for us.

Sex!  There is another belief that an Enlightened person has no interest in normal human relations after this event, including sex.  This is incorrect.

God has said (so i am told) that sex is ‘Good for the body; good for the psychology, and good for the Spirit’.  This makes sense to me.  Coincidentally I became celibate before starting out on my Spiritual path, but i do not believe that this is absolutely necessary.  What is necessary is the personal space and time in which to sort oneself out.

In my case a classic co-dependancy could not be renegotiated and so a divorce could not be avoided.  The juvenile phrase “I don’t love you anymore” was not employed, this phrase indicating a lack of love in the first place.  Perhaps a relationship can only last when partners develop at the same rate, with clear stated agreement.

Idly wondering one afternoon why i had not formed another relationship, a voice in my head said “You are one who develops alone”.  This did not please me: normal human interest in the opposite sex remains.

A mentor once advised not to get together with anyone not at the same level of Spiritual awareness.  This now makes things difficult, at least in theory.

Out of body (OOB) travel & Consciousness.

My OOB experience is very limited by comparison with that reported by the American businessman Robert Monroe (1915-1995).  For me it has been spontaneous and involuntary.

One in particular was validated by a normal visit days later to the same house across town, in which the same room was recognised.

Anyone with such experience knows that consciousness is not merely a product of brain activity but is separate from it.  It seems that it is consciousness which survives ‘death’, in association with a pre-existing metaphysical body.

Mainstream psychology is aware of the unconscious (subconscious) mind as written about by Sigismund Freud, but appears to be unaware of any higher (or lower) consciousness.

The body has its own consciousness which is evidently discrete -and able to exercise its own will.  This is probably (or possibly) what is interrogated in Specialised Kinesiology, and it may be associated in this life with the involuntary nervous system, including the various nerve plexuses outside the Central Nervous System (CNS).

Again, anyone who has communicated with a friend or acquaintance on a higher level in a dream or vision knows that day to day consciousness is merely part of what is going on: a lot seems to be happening without our conscious awareness.

For example, sometimes the other person remembers the visit or communication; sometimes not.

When ever we think of another person, a metaphysical communication channel can be opened.

The Soul is a higher consciousness which runs or maintains human beings; often more than one person simultaneously.  Thus we do not have a Soul: the Soul has us!

We appear to be ‘merely’ an experiential projection into material (space-time) reality from this higher entity.  It will be recalled that the only fully documented psychic Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) referred to human beings as ‘entities’ in his many readings, apparently from his higher self.

Life after death 4.

This concerns my nominally deceased human father, and validation from third parties -perhaps this last was to help with my own scepticism.

I was staying at a friend’s house in Sydney while attending workshops in specialised kinesiology.  Incidentally, these are experiential at the cellular memory level and so involve facing oneself: that which not many seem to do!

So that morning i awoke, still in bed, then found myself ‘upstairs’ apparently lying on a couch in a room full of people including my human father.  He looked much younger than when i had seen him last.  There was a celebratory party in progress; i could see a garden outside through the window.

My father presented me with a significant artifact; it seemed he had made it for me.  This was a four-sided crystal about one foot in length (or height) with metal scroll work top and bottom. In each face was a different English wildflower, as if preserved in clear resin. I was also given a song about enjoying life, which i do not now recall-this dynamic is a particular challenge.

I told no-one of this experience.  Later that day i was involved in working in pairs through one’s own childhood traumas.  From across the room a pair i did not know came up to me, saying that their testing indicated i contained particular therapeutic energy which was needed in their case.

This turned out to be Maui Flower Essence energy, unknown to me before this day and workshop.  Further testing indicated that i needed to touch one person for a few seconds in order to give the required energy.

Maui Flower Essences are well known in specialised kinesiology.  They are based on twelve English wildflowers, rather like the Bach Flower Essences. I presume that in each window of the crystal i now contain in my energy field there are actually three flower species, one behind the other.

These Essences concern future self-confidence; that which was significantly undermined in my own childhood by my own father.

So not only was this helpful for me, but it also represents a therapeutic Spiritual gift for others as needed.



This article might also be called ‘Life after death’ regarding Moses.

Years ago i attended a meditation group in which members ‘channeled’ various beings, in particular a (lesser) Chinese sage.  Most impressive, and i thought everyone was much more gifted than i was.

Channeling is where someone simply allows another person in Spirit to talk through them, or through their mind.

Anyway, one day i thought i would have a go myself.  Three beings then in turn announced themselves to my mind by saying “I am ….”.  All i did then was speak whatever words came to mind.

Moses said “I am Moses” and then went on to talk about the necessity to keep up the effort until a matter was properly finished rather than slacken off towards the end.

Ahura Mazda similarly announced himself, but i do not recall what he talked about.  However, i felt i was sitting on a throne and holding a sceptre as he spoke.  I mentioned this to no-one.  Afterwards, the person sitting next to me in the circle said she ‘saw’ me sitting on a throne and holding a sceptre.

Later on, the same person said she ‘saw’ me sitting on a large black horse.  The only meaningful reference i can find to this is in Revelation, in which the rider holds scales (of judgment?).

I do not know if Ahura Mazda (as the god of Zoroastrians he pre-dates all three Abrahamic religions) is a facet of God or a separate-and presumably lesser-being.

When it came to my turn again, a being said to me “I am the Lord thy God”.  At which i thought to myself ‘This can’t be right: this must be my ego trying to out-do other channels’.  So i allowed and said nothing.

Imagine my surprise when the person next to me channeled another being (one unknown to me) who turned to me and said “Brother, why do you think you are unworthy?”

Evidently i am worthy, as no doubt are many other people.  And God respects a person’s free will, once given by Him/Her in the first place.

Life after death 3.

A clairvoyant friend has been mentioned previously.  It was she who told me i had a sister ‘in Spirit’, who had been given a name by our mother.

This took me back to a mysterious visit to hospital by Mum, about which nothing was said when she came home.  But it seems she had a still-born baby.  Also i was taken back to to playing with an imaginary friend at age 5 or 6.  This was years before my sister was conceived; but time is evidently not as linear as we think it is. Indeed, both time and space were apparently created, as well as material things.

So i simply asked to see my sister.  In response to which a few days later there was a vision in which she appeared.  Brown hair; blue eyes; about my height (she says a little less); appearing in her early 20’s, and in a dark blue shiny dress with sequins.

I picked up that she was quite nervous; but she need not have been.  She is evidently aware of what is going on in my life, because one winter day i came back from University to an unaccountably warm room, even though the window had been left wide open.  I was later told that my sister had warmed up the room ‘from above’.  Thank you M.

Parents who have still-born babies need not grieve too much, therefore.  Evidently such children are translated immediately to the next level of reality, and grow up there.  Similarly other children who die young.


So far as i am aware, Angels do not have wings.  They do have very human hands though, and they are male and female, younger or older.

There was a three-way conversation with one Angel through a clairvoyant friend, in which it became clear that the (female) Angel picked up my thought before i spoke, i.e. she demonstrated telepathy.

On another occasion i met a male Angel and felt his hand touching me.  This incident does me no credit, because i was out-of-body and about to trespass where i had no right to be, merely to satisfy my curiosity.  It was the briefest of touch, but i was immediately filled with non-judgmental love, sufficient to stop me in my tracks.