Yes they do seem to exist-and take on a life of their own.  I have seen (or been allowed to see) one.

I was staying at the house of a friend of a friend in Sydney while studying for my Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I slept on a mattress on the floor of a spare room.  As i was drifting off to sleep i suddenly noticed a life-size man’s head skittering along the skirting board next to me, on spindly legs.  There was blood on it.  Most curious!

Later i discovered the couple were going through a messy divorce.  It does not take much imagination to suppose that the wife had thought (with some energy) “I’d like to knock his bloody head off!”

It is typical of men that they are in their heads (i.e., their intellects), which causes some frustration to women who can be more emotional (i.e., less emotionally repressed).

A scrupulously honest friend later told me he had met many such entities in his travels out-of-body, and usually destroyed them: until one day he was told by God not to, on the basis that once created they had a right to live.

Presumably ‘Witch Doctors’ around the world know about these entities, and deliberately create them as required.

The implication is that we all create such entities when we are really angry with someone else, in which case collectively we may be surrounded by them (until such time as there is forgiveness).


It came as a pleasant surprise when my mind opened up in mid-life to discover that Spiritual beings mentioned in religious texts actually exist, or at least some of them, namely Angels and Cherubs.

One day i had a vision of a small group of people a few yards (meters) away.  I could see they were talking but could not hear a word.

Perhaps because i had just completed an intensive esoteric meditation for seven months to clean out my chakras, this gave rise to considerable despair.

Within 3 or 4 seconds four Cherubs appeared in front of me, looking just like their portrayal in religious art.  Their energy was a mixture of pure joy and amusement (this last at me i suspect).

This was so curious i asked if i could touch them.  There was an immediate response: “Don’t!”.

My forehead (third eye) then became quite hot, and the Cherubs disappeared from view.

I conclude from this experience i had opened my brow chakra too much, and the Cherubs were sent to close it down for me.

Life after death 1.

A dear friend and mentor passed on at age 60; from a surfeit not of lampreys but in effect of MudCake (or Black Forest Cake).  I attended her funeral along with her relatives.

A couple of weeks later i woke up and knew immediately she was in the room, albeit invisible to me.  Suddenly she spoke so loudly in my left ear (ONE ear only -very strange) that i protested “Hey i’m not deaf you know!”  I heard her words “Have faith” very clearly.

Then she jiggled part of my physical body, to confirm both her sense of humour and who she was.  This went back to how she used to criticise me jiggling coins in my trouser pocket ‘as if i were jiggling something else’.  Say no more.

If we have known someone before, we recognise their energetic signature before a word is said.  Each of us has a unique signature in energy terms.

I understand that my signature has to be changed to match that of a recipient before they can receive Spiritual healing through me.

How being tuned in can have Darwinian selection advantage

On 18 January 2003 i was planning a run in the local pine forest with a friend.  For some reason i happened to ask God that morning what i should do that day.

There was a very strong response: “Stay where you are!”

Later that day the 2003 Canberra bushfire came roaring like an express train through that same pine forest; unforecast and unexpected.  Days later we saw 50 gallon steel drums collapsed to the ground under their own weight in that heat.

There is no doubt we would have been killed had we ran as usual that day.  Other people did lose their lives that day.

Examples of precognition-one small and one large.

Years ago i had a vision in which there was a bonfire dangerously close to our house.  A couple of days later our teenage daughter came home without her key to find no-one there.  It being a cold night she lit some newspaper to warm her hands.

Clearly i had prior knowledge of this event, but my imagination had magnified it!

The larger event also came as a vision, in which i was looking at the aftermath of some catastrophe.  Buildings had been smashed; detritus was everywhere, and a few people were walking around as if in a daze. At this stage i felt only curiosity.  However, out of nowhere i was suddenly hit with overwhelming grief to the extent i could literally no longer breathe (consistent with the theory of acupuncture meridians in traditional Chinese medicine).

A voice in my head said “Your family will be safe” and later “You will be given more”.

12 months later the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 26 December 2004 occurred, in which thousands died: pictures of this event were very similar to what i had been shown beforehand, but i had no idea where or when it would occur.

Surely other people have similar experience?

For the benefit of Sceptics: some credentials.

Sceptics professional and otherwise may like to note that i have three University degrees including two science degrees; also an Award for ‘outstanding academic achievement’.

According to my lecturer at University i demonstrated ‘mastery’ of Statistics.

I was trained in my 20’s as an objective Observer by the UK Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food (MAFF).  I have also worked for or in association with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation (CSIRO) and the Bureau of Resource Science (BRS).

MAFF training was highly regarded by overseas countries, to the extent that i went on to train others in Australia in the same objective Observation (i.e., Inspection technique) and Report Writing.

Similar precision was required in drafting legislation and Manual Procedures, and in more recent legal study within an Arts Degree.

Most of my metaphysical experience has been validated either by third parties or by later events, or i might have had some difficulty accepting it myself.  One such experience, in which i (or rather my consciousness) was evidently temporarily taken to the next world (next level of reality) to meet my deceased father, was presented to me in such a manner that uninformed third parties unknowingly validated it later in the same day.

I know what it is to have a closed mind; also to have an open one.  A closed mind says “That can’t be right!”, an open one says “That may be true, but i have no idea how, so shall await more data”.

The difficulties attendant on paradigm shift have been described by others: some say the ‘old school’ has to die off first.

Data from metaphysical experience does not invalidate existing science: it extends it.

About Me

I was with hindsight a scared and lonely child; later a numbed teenager, later still an iconic ‘angry young man’.

I am a retired biologist (entomologist); senior science administrator in the public (civil) service; latterly a psychotherapist, and now a spiritual healer and one who repairs other peoples’ chakras.  This is done down to the sub-vortex level.

By spiritual healer i mean one through whose energy system a medical doctor and nurse operate.  Evidently i was chosen by these people, as they appeared in a vision and seemed to say “You’ll do!”

By ‘one who repairs others peoples’ chakras’ i mean in fact an Energetic Master, with approval from God to use this title.  This is one result of the self-actualisation process in my case, which i believe was described in general by C.G.Jung and/or Abraham Maslow.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in my 20’s.  I suffered this for around 20 years until i had had enough, then healed it permanently by uncovering and removing its roots in my unconscious mind.  A negative self-belief had been formed in childhood as a coping mechanism in response to particular traumatic events.

I have experience of telepathy; clairvoyance; clairaudience; clairsentience; precognition, out-of -body travel, and more besides, including a spectacular cellular memory event in mid-life stemming from an inoculation at age 9.

There are far more gifted ‘psychics’ than i.  It is i believe a general human ability that is stunted in most people.  Many pet owners know that animals are telepathic.

I have been formally blessed 3 times: once directly by God; once by an Angel, and once by an advanced friend at the suggestion of God.

By God i mean ‘God the Father’ as part of the Trinity we are aware of on this planet; otherwise known as Allah, or Brahma.

He/She/It is at once One while also it seems present on many levels and as many Aspects or Facets.

I am a graduate also of intensive personal development courses (in which childhood trauma was faced on the ‘unconscious’ level) and specialised kinesiology workshops (in which the same trauma was faced on the cellular memory level).  This is ‘the hero’s journey’ described by Joseph Campbell (1904-1983), the journey inwards to face one’s shadow side: only done with the support of others.

I am not a Guru (we are ALL each others’ teachers!) nor am i a Spiritual Master.  I am an ordinary human being, albeit it seems with unusual experience.

In my youth i was profoundly ignorant of Spirit (as it seems most people are); now i am a little less profoundly ignorant of Spirit.  But still largely ignorant, given how much (i now know) there is yet to learn.

Self-Realisation at age 55 (Buddhists talk about Enlightenment in this context) did and does not give detailed knowledge beyond one overwhelming and life-changing fact, namely what one IS in Spiritual terms.



Please note this blog deals with the most emotionally charged subjects there are, especially when i deal with traumatic childhood events as a hindrance to direct experience of Spirit in adulthood.

By ‘Spirit’ i mean any being or person in the metaphysical (i.e., above this level of reality) spiritual hierarchy; in short it covers all for convenience.

The current human condition is quite simply one of ‘conditioning’ or psychological programming in childhood, as the Jesuits and Behaviorists are well aware.

If on reading this blog you feel an uncomfortable emotion it can be defused by using the frontal-occipital hold (refer specialised kinesiology: one hand on forehead; the other below back of head) and continuing (!) to breathe.

Again, please note that one person cannot MAKE another angry, or sad, or anything else.  What we can do is accidentally remind another person of whatever unresolved psychological issue they may have.  As individuals we then decide, albeit unconsciously, whether or not to feel our emotion around such an issue.

Only a puppet can be made to feel or act by another person, and we are not puppets: we all have free will, and personal responsibility.

Purpose of this blog

I answer the two most important perennial philosophical questions; namely ‘Is there a God?’ and ‘Is there life after death?’, both from direct experience.

Also, I invite accounts of the experience of others relating to these questions.  Together we can build a significant internet resource.

This world currently faces problems beyond anyone’s imagination (so I am told).  Essentially related to Spiritual ignorance, and an ethos of greed and selfishness derived from such ignorance.  Hypocrisy is commonplace at present, and we all need to guard against self-delusion and wishful thinking.

One long standing organization is described from above as ‘Foul and pernicious’, and an Angel of Peace has said “Most people working for world peace are insincere; and of those who are sincere, most are going about it the wrong way”.  To my mind ‘top down’ does not generally work; what works is leading by example (i.e., bottom up).

Symptomatic of Spiritual ignorance, which clearly extends to religious officers, is the widespread grief from parents who believe they may have lost their children for ever.  I hope and trust the information in this blog will help: no-one is lost forever, and this evidently includes babies who are still-born.

This last is in my personal experience.  Given the existence of a loving Creator, who could expect less?

Also i hope this blog will dispel some New Age claptrap, or if you prefer, myths.   For example the Universe(s) are not all sweetness and light, and love is not the answer to everything (examples of wishful thinking?).  Further, Enlightenment or Self-Realisation does NOT mean a person is a spiritual Master.

An ‘about me’ follows in due course, including some information for Sceptics (I was myself a sceptic when younger).

This blog is not about religions, which are of course Man-made.  I accept the core truth in all religions, which is the same: God is love (and more besides).

If this blog were about religion it would be extremely critical, in particular of the genocide carried out by the Roman Church in both Europe and the Americas, which seems to have been largely overlooked.